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About Us

Women in IT’s mission is to increase awareness of girls (in K-12 and higher education) and women about IT/Computing education/career opportunities and provide educational support for women to advance in IT.¬† While women represent about 58% of the total workforce, the underrepresentation of women in computing continues to be a concern as studies show that only 25% of computing jobs in the U.S. are held by women. Computing job prospects are growing significantly (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014) and women are losing on the opportunities in the field.
UNCG is working in collaboration with the Association of Information Systems, National Center for Women in IT, American Association of University Women - Greensboro Branch, Guilford County Schools and Companies in Triad and beyond to increase awareness about IT education and careers among girls and women. ¬†Thanks to generous funding from Lincoln Financial Group who has supported UNCG’s initiative since 2012.

There are several events associated with the Women in IT Initiative at UNCG.

1. The “IT is for Girls” a program for middle and high-school girls began in 2009. It is a week-long summer program and engages girls in middle, high-school and college through several hands-on technology and leadership activities. The program has been funded by NCWIT, AAUW and Lincoln Financial Group among others. Please feel free to browse the websites for the previous workshops in the archives link. Registration is now open for "IT is for Girls/We Make IT" Summer Camp - July 25th to 29th, 2016.

2. The Triad Tech Savvy event is a daylong STEM&M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medical) program for girls in grades 6th through 9th and their parents/guardians/teachers. Sponsors include AAUW, Mattel Inc, Evonik, Syngenta, Hondajet, Wells Fargo and others.

3. RISE IT for Social Good: A program for Undergraduate female students interested in IS major who are yet to take the programming course (ISM240). This aims to Recruit, Inspire, Sustain and Engage (RISE) young women in IT projects based on Social Themes. The program will be offered at the beginning of Fall 2015 semester.


Association of Information Systems Collaborates with the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT)

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