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Imagine today’s world without computers. Computers and information technology have impacted every field you can imagine – business, manufacturing, health care, sports, entertainment including travel and tourism. We live in a digital world that opens new frontiers almost daily. New, exciting, IT related careers emerge such as Cyber Law, Gaming, Apparel design, Bioinformatics, etc. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that by 2016, five out of the top ten fastest growing jobs relate to IT (check out the FAQ page for more information). Most IT jobs require good skills in communication, problem solving, creativity, human interaction and collaboration – the kinds of skills most often attributed to women.

While the Women in IT initiative is broader in scope, the mission of the “IT is for Girls” program is to serve young girls in middle and high-school to:

  1. increase awareness about IT/Computing education and career opportunities,
  2. increase confidence in accomplishing specific IT based skills and in understanding how it can be applied in other fields,
  3. provide opportunities to interact with women IT professionals and Engineers who will share personal experiences and answer questions regarding diverse career opportunities in the computing area, and
  4. enhance their leadership skills through sessions in conflict resolution, decision making, communication and building community awareness.

UNCG is working in collaboration with the National Center for Women in IT, American Association of University WomenGreensboro Branch, Guilford County Schools and Companies in Triad and beyond to increase awareness about IT education and careers among middle and highschool girls in grades 6 through 9. High-school students who have participated in past summer camps serve as teen mentors. Thanks to a grant from Lincoln Financial Group, and NCWIT’s Aspire IT Middle School program, UNCG offered the summer camp for middle school girls in 2013 and 2014. Through hands-on activities, participants will:

  • Create animations and video games using MIT’s “SCRATCH” software – Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu) is a programming environment that was designed specifically to allow people to quickly begin creating their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art.  It is a project of the MIT Media Lab’s “Lifelong Kindergarten Group,” and is widely used to enable students to explore their digital creativity.
  • Design web pages – Students will learn how to design and publish web pages.
  • ProjectCSGIRLS is the nation’s largest computer science competition for middle school girls. We challenge participants to develop novel solutions to social issues using technology and computer science. At this workshop, learn about a variety of fascinating computer science topics, collaborate to create project ideas, and get feedback from peers and instructors.
  • Gaming App/Game Salad – Students will learn to create games for iOS, Android and HTML5.
  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi -Raspberry Pi is credit card sized computer that plugs into a monitor via USB and uses a keyboard and mouse. The girls will can Raspberry Pi to program games, animations, stories and much more to address a social issue. This will provide them with the skills necessary to program in today’s world of technology and be aware of the social problems in today’s society. Arduino is an open source microcontroller. It is designed to read data from sensors, compute the data, and either send the data to a PC (or Raspberry Pi), or output them to LEDs or LCD screens you have attached and programmed. The girls can use this to create hands-on projects from programmed software that reads data, and displays it in an innovative way.
  • Film Festival – “Become a video Diva. Learn to tell a digital story by creating a storyboard, filming, and editing your very own video production.”
  • LEGO® Robotics – work with robotic sets that allow your student to bring their toys to life.
  • Explore computer and Internet security
  • Build and repair computers
  • Field Trips to area industries (locations TBD)

All participants will receive a complimentary flashdrive in order take their projects home, as well as a copy of the SCRATCH programming software. Please feel free to browse the websites for the previous workshops in the archives.

Additional information on how to register your child can be found in the Registration Information section.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Email: wiit@uncg.edu